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From kids and pets to an empty home or after-hours business, you’ve got a lot to keep safe. Day or night, indoors or out, The Security Guy takes the wondering and worrying out of life with a high definition indoor/outdoor surveillance system.

Our weatherproof cameras can be placed wherever you need them without needing to run wires through your home. View live and recorded HD video through your mobile device using the free mobile app. Our video surveillance cameras automatically detect movement, send alerts to your phone and record video to your storage device.

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See What You Care About Instantly

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Receive smart video alerts on what matters most to you. It actively detects and distinguishes between people, animals and vehicles to reduce false alarms. Combined with new virtual tripwires and fenced-in activity zones, you can enhance perimeter security and gain more insight into activity at your home or business.

Once a person, vehicle or animal is identified, you’ll receive an enhanced alert with a thumbnail image of what was caught on camera. For example, when a:

  • Person enters their yard at night, but not animals
  • Car pulls into their driveway, but not when it drives past
  • Pet gets on the sofa, but not when it walks around the room
  • Person loiters on their porch, but not when mail is delivered
  • Employee enters a restricted area, but not meeting rooms

Additionally, Video Analytics can even trigger light automations like turning on an outdoor Z-wave light when a person is detected on the property.


Whether you’re looking to secure your stockroom or just keep an eye on things when you’re not there, The Security Guy has you covered.

Health Care, Medical & Dental

Keep your patients and practice safe, while meeting industry and HIPA guidelines

Financial Institutions & Banks

Never miss any detail by upgrading to digital cameras with sharp HD quality.

Retail Locations

Prevent theft and vandalism by monitoring your operations 24/7.

Restaurants & Bars

Monitor your operations to make sure your employees and customers are always honest and safe.


Ensure a safe working environment for employees, and keep a lookout for thieves when you aren’t there.

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Keep an eye on what matters most

With the tap of a button, your parents and grandparents can reach out to chat or get a little help - no phone line required.

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Wellness is an affordable, easy-to-use, in-home caregiving solution designed to support people as they age in place and help homecare companies provide the customized care their clients demand. Our system uses discreet wireless sensors to track activity and wellness indicators such as nighttime falls, sleep patterns/sleeplessness, overly sedentary lifestyles, odd/erratic eating habits, infrequent or excessive bathroom activities, wandering and medication adherence. Caregivers and family members stay informed and connected simply by receiving automated phone calls, emails, text messages or by checking a mobile device or password-protected private web page.

  • Multiview - See multiple residents on the same screen to prioritize emergent care needed.
  • Trend Reporting – Provide families with insight into activities/behavioral patterns that are beginning to shift over time which could indicate decline or chronic conditions.
Notifications & Alerts

Our innovative technology allows you to customize notifications and alerts to let you know if there is a change in routine or a safety concern. If something is out of the ordinary, caregivers and staff are alerted via e-mail and/or mobile device.t